The Lord Of The Demons!

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The Lord Of The NFT Demons!

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Hi humans, can you hear me?

For all of you who have slept 24 hours a day in the last years,
I'm LIT but you can call me just LIT, the Lord of the Demons!

I'm a little demon, nice and funny (from a demon POV) who came from the Darkness to rule all the Demons and the whole (NFT) world! Yes, I'm also very ambitious.

I want to show you my collection of 1,000 unique randomly generated NFTs (200 of which are custom) on Polygon blockchain, with all my disguises.

What are you waiting for?
Discover and catch the most rare versions, and raise yourself to the rank of real Lord of the Demons!

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So why this NFT project? Let me tell you my story. I'm the son of Gothras, King of the Demons Reign, and rightful heir of the throne.

But one day Azaroth, head of the guards, killed my father, usurped the throne of the Reign and placed 10 of his trusted allies as Boss of the demons Lands.

I ran away and decided to hide in the world of humans and from a hidden small village in the woods, named Halderin, starts my adventure.

I will have to fight with all my strength against the evil creatures sent by Azaroth on the Earth to kill me, traveling all around the Reign of the Demonsß, kill the 10 Boss of the Lands and defeat Azaroth to conquer the throne that belongs to me by right.

Let the revenge begin!


  • Public Sale on OpenSea
  • Drop NFTs - 10%
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  • Drop new NFTs - 30%
  • First Demo LIT Game
Lit NFT Roadmap step First Demo LIT Game


  • Drop new NFTs - 50%
  • More levels on the Demo
Lit NFT Roadmap step More levels on the Demo


  • Drop new NFTs - 80%
  • More levels on the Demo
Lit NFT Roadmap step Drop More NFTs


  • Drop all NFTs
  • Release LIT Game
Lit NFT Roadmap step Release All LIT NFT


  • Play with your NFT on LIT Game
Lit NFT Roadmap step Play with your NFT on LIT Game

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Lit the Demon co-founder Manuel Macchia

Manuel Macchia


Lit the Demon co-founder Isacco Signori

Isacco Signori